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Soul Surfer
Genre: Action / Drama / Sport
Director(s): Sean McNamara
Release Date: 07 April 2011
Movie rating: 7.0
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What is the movie Soul Surfer about?
The movie is shot on the basis of Bethany Hamilton’s life. The main character with the same name Bethany has been in for surfing since her childhood, until the shark attacks her on the Northern sea coast Kauai, when she is thirteen. As the result the girl is left without her left arm and nearly killed. Disheartened she decides to end her surfing carrier. The crucial moment of the movie is a TV program about the earthquake and tsunami in Indian Ocean in 2004 that Bethany sees and projects on her life. When she goes on mission to help people in Thailand she realizes she can inspire other people. Her strong character and strength of will played its role – despite everything, Bethany again starts surfing and is taking part in competitions on the rights of completely healthy participant.
Soul Surfer Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Soul Surfer HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Soul SurferSoul SurferSoul SurferSoul SurferSoul SurferSoul SurferSoul SurferSoul SurferSoul SurferSoul Surfer
Nadine @ 27-Jun-2014 21:15 Report a spam

I remember a long time ago i was reading a novel about the real person, so now i can surely say that this movie is about a real person. The movie is based on true events, and even has a real video with the girl who suffered. Every person in its life has difficult situations, so after watching this movie i had only one thought in my mind “Thank God i have arms and legs, and i am able to see, hear and be a healthy person”. I think that the main character has done a significant thing in her life, she was able to find the power and to continue her way, which was of course more difficult, but at the same time has got a new and very deep meaning. As a rule, a person starts thinking about sense of life only in the very difficult moments, and it is a normal thing, no one thinks about bad stuff while being happy.

Kelly @ 25-Jun-2014 10:53 Report a spam

This movie has really amazed me. When i saw it i was almost crying. The girl who was a teenager gets a plenty of success, she is being offered a contract for advertising, what else can she possibly dream of? But one good day, the tragedy happens, which was not a plan of hers. When she woke up the first thing that she asked was when she will be able to surf again. The worst thing about this movie, is that it is based on true events. There really was such an athlete who after such tragedy was able to get back to this not easy sports. The desire to live her life the way she wants to, and not the way she has to was strong, that it helped her overcoming all the sad things that happened to her. And even if it was very painful for her to workout she was doing, that and kept moving on. The result of the work that she has done, didn’t made her waiting for too long. This way while chasing her dream she was able to overcome all the obstacles life has brought her on the way. After watching this movie i became a completely different person.

Jena @ 24-Jun-2014 13:51 Report a spam

I think it is a great movie! I try to support Christian movies, and movies that support Christian faith. Often this can mean watching a somewhat cheesy film, that it is unlikely a non-believer would sit through. This film was realistic, inspiring, and well made. It started out okay, and got better and better.

Gabriela @ 09-Jun-2014 21:30 Report a spam

I cannot describe what I felt while watching this movie, those were tears of happiness and at the same time from pain. I think not every person would be able to face this kind of moments in life, we all are used to complaint about all the little problems that we have, while this movie makes us realize how insignificant they are. Someone was dumped by boyfriends; the other person craves for a new phone and so on. While the real problems really exist, this girl really had a reason to sit cry and do nothing, but no, due to the strength of her character little by little she was able to overcome all the problems and to start surfing, of course by the end of movie she doesn’t win the championship, but what really matters is that she tried, and she won the victory with herself. I am trying to put myself into her shoes and think whether I would be able to deal like her with everything, and the truth is that probably not.

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