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The Beaver
Genre: Drama
Director(s): Jodie Foster
Release Date: 16 March 2011
Movie rating: 6.6
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What is the movie The Beaver about?
There are moments in our life when we get depressed and frustrated about life. It becomes so bad on our souls that we have no forces to live further on. This happened in the life of a toy company owner in the movie “The Beaver”. Walter Black used to be a successful family man who turned into a hopelessly depressed individual. His family is about to break up, his business is crashing, the respect left is tiny. What is the way out? Very nervous, Walter sees different specialists, but this doesn’t help at all and even alcohol cannot soothe that pain. Having lost his all hope, one day he decides to hide from everyone and start leaving in a hotel room, where the solitude finds him and life becomes even more unbearable. Walter cannot stand this anymore and decides to commit suicide… No matter how strange this may sound, only one toy prevents him from this floor…
The Beaver Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Beaver HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The BeaverThe BeaverThe BeaverThe BeaverThe BeaverThe BeaverThe BeaverThe BeaverThe BeaverThe Beaver
Emily @ 24-Jul-2014 05:11 Report a spam

I think all of us have those periods in our lives, when everything is too hard to stand. Walter Black, who is performed by Mel Gibson has a depression from which he was not able to get rid of. He cannot do anything beside sleeping, his all life was ruining on his own eyes, his family and carrier, everything little by little disappears.But once he finds the beaver toy, puts it on his hand and gets drunk, and after it he wants to commit a suicide, but this beaver is saving him.
He starts talking for both, for the beaver and for himself, and that beaver is pushing him to certain actions to rebuild his life, and once again he helps him getting closer to his own family, as well as it helps him getting his successful carrier back.
This movie has a lot of sides and makes you think about life, about closest people around, and about things that you need to take care of, as well as the importance to enjoy every moment of life. The end of the movie is also very unusual, but a decent one. I recommend watching this movie to those people who want to discuss all the events and think about life.

Maya @ 19-Jul-2014 09:13 Report a spam

Well it is quite original, beaver who is saving all the situation, this is how everything has started. And started everything from the fact that the main hero performed by Mel Gibson, who is the father of two children and loyal husband has fall into along depression. He didn’t wanted to do anything, he didn’t needed anything, and all he was able to do was to come home from work and go straight to bed. Sleeping, sleeping and sleeping that was the only thing e wanted to do, and nothing else. His wife (Jodie Foster), was not able to stand all of this behavior, and eventually who would like something like that, so she kicks him out of their house. After that he comes back home with a beaver on his hand and starts acting mega positively, as nothing ever happened. While covering himself with the beaver he got distant from all the problems that were bothering him, but eventually he could not go on like this all the time. In general i can say that this movie has left a very unpleasant imprint, and the beaver was kinda scary.

Cathy @ 18-Jul-2014 08:50 Report a spam

Awe yeah depression is a very terrifying thing, and Mel Gibson (according to his own biography) knows about it pretty well. That is why he professionally did this role. This awful condition of Walter he showed just perfect! I believed him like 100%.
The not ordinary method of curing the depression with the help of beaver doll has happened itself. And why not? The most important thing is to get help, because he was so tired, the middle age crisis, problems with wife, problems at work, and no stimulus at all for living. Everything was pretty much same. He was sleeping the whole days, and was even ready to commit suicide, and the beaver has really helped! Walter’s wife is trying really hard to understand what happened, their elder son is angry, and only little Henry kept loving his father, not simply his father, but his father with the beaver. Everything would be great if the beaver wouldn't become an obsession, a grudge. Well i should say that you should see it! I loved the movie, and its heroes and their works, that is why i totally recommend it!

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