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The Departed
Genre: Crime / Mystery
Director(s): Martin Scorsese
Release Date: 01 January 2006
Movie rating: 8.5
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What is the movie The Departed about?
The Departed is one of our favorite movies. It is a 2006 movie about a cop who has been in an Irish gang, working for the police and them at the same time. That leaves a lot of space for many great stories. The fact that these cops have just graduated from State Police Academy makes it even more interesting to watch since they are not very experienced. They are following the opposite sides of the law. Billy Costigan is undercover and he has to work with the Irish mobster Frank Costello and get some evidence in order to arrest him. His superiors Dignam and Oliver Queenan are the only ones who know his true identity. Since there are two police officers who are undercover, the thing is that they are both giving their best to disclose the identity of the other rat. A lot of action, great acting and the scenario of The Departed is one of the best written ones. The director Martin Scorsese has done a great job directing and so did the writers Willian Monahan and Alan Mak. The Departed shows that it is more than possible to tell a cop story that no one has ever told before. When you combine great police work, human emotions and characters, greed – there is no doubt that you will get a fantastic Hollywood movie.
The Departed Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Departed HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The DepartedThe DepartedThe DepartedThe DepartedThe DepartedThe DepartedThe DepartedThe DepartedThe DepartedThe Departed
Marzia Worthington @ 10-Aug-2014 16:33 Report a spam

I'm not a fan of early-aughts Marty or Leo, but Leo isn't bad in this role. Matt Damon's face and voice are too boring to play a villain, Martin Sheen's character is pretty thankless and dies easily, and Marky Mark's character is just a dick for the sake of being a dick - hardly enough meat to develop an Oscar-worthy performance. The only female character is just there to form a slapdash love triangle, and the script doesn't even write her as a realistic psychologist.

David edelstein @ 10-Aug-2014 16:33 Report a spam

The Departed has enough tension to keep you engrossed, and enough color for ten crime pictures. Scorsese obviously adores his expensive, expansive ensemble.

Randy @ 23-Jul-2014 22:42 Report a spam

Mmm i am writing my review right after watching the movie, although i tried watching it from the beginning and till the end, not less than five times. It is a very well twisted subject, there was a moment when i got confused who is who, but in reality everything is pretty easy. The dynamics of the movie is a very good one. The actors were amazing, i was not expecting something like that from the lover hero of the shiprecting ship, he surprised me. Jack Nicholson, performed the role of the main person in the Irish mob, and he was the best, i even got the idea that this is exactly how the main person in mob should be ( a kind old man who can sent a bullet into your head without double thinking). Matt Damon also was a genius in this movie. The end of the movie also was quite original, i think i never saw anything like that before. I think everyone should see this movie, it is not only because of the mob, but also about the deep idea which is linked with our life.

Kurt @ 19-Jul-2014 02:23 Report a spam

I didn’t like the movie, maybe because i was expecting more from the artistic union of Scorsese and DiCaprio. I thought there will be something more dynamic, but as a result i got something very boring. I didn’t had the feeling of tension, although Matt Damon’s hero was getting out of all the possible dangerous situations very easy. The level of criminals in this movie remained a secret for me. Although it is about a great mob person, but we see a person who is in charge for a place that doesn’t look fancy at all. I think that was not the level of Jack Nicholson. I didn’t got more than fifty percent of the jokes. Though the humor and atmosphere in the movie were very dark and negative. And of course there was no happy end in the story, and there was no feeling that all the bad guys got their punishment, and the heroes were revenged. Probably it is just the genuine way that Scorsese is finishing his movies, he allows the imagination of the viewers to decide everything about the movie.

Lina @ 18-Jul-2014 03:11 Report a spam

I am a person who is enchanted with the masterpieces created by the outstanding Martin Scorsese. Each of his movies is a not ordinary and amazing story which is genially linked into a interesting plot, due to the directing of Martin, who is the alive classic of cinema art. Another interesting but not surprising me at all thing, the fact that only the stars that are considered the best in the world perform in his movies. One of my favorite movies created by him is the “Casino”. so eventually i was happy to watch the “Departed”- it is a real pleasure for the admirers of serious movies. A special agent, performed by DiCaprio is penetrating a band, and at the same time the mob is penetrating their person into the police (performed by Matt Damon). The main person in the mob is performed by the legendary Jack Nicholson- think the movie cannot be a bad one, with this kind of performing crew! It is simply impossible! And of course i will not reveal how the things will develop in the movie, and how will end this double game, but i can say for sure that you will not be able to get out from the screen!

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