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The Dragon Pearl
Genre: Adventure / Family / Mystery
Director(s): Mario Andreacchio
Release Date: 05 March 2011
Movie rating: 4.7
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What is the movie The Dragon Pearl about?
This was going to be a very quiet vacation in China for young teenagers Josh and Ling who join the archeological dig trip to spend some time with their parents. Soon they face something inexplicable and unbelievable. The kids see the monster – Chinese dragon alive that was hidden in a cave for several thousands of years. The sleeping dragon is awakened and now the entrance is opened by archeologists. Two thousands years ago in order to protect his kingdom, the Emperor lent from the Great Dragon his all-mighty pearl that he haven’t returned till the present day… Where is the pearl now? Who else besides archeologists knows about the great power of it? The struggle between good and evil unfolds during the development of the story.
The Dragon Pearl Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Dragon Pearl HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Dragon PearlThe Dragon PearlThe Dragon PearlThe Dragon PearlThe Dragon PearlThe Dragon PearlThe Dragon PearlThe Dragon PearlThe Dragon PearlThe Dragon Pearl
Keyra @ 13-Jul-2014 01:15 Report a spam

Today i would like to share my experience from watching a very nice family movie! so in a few words i would describe the subject of the movie, two kids who are a part of archaeological expedition have entered into a matter they were not supposed to, and that is how they met a real dragon who for a very long time ago gave its pearls to the emperor of China, and the last one is not even thinking of returning them back to the original owner. As a result those brave children eventually have decided that they will return those pearls. And by the end of movie they succeeded in it. In general i can say that there are no violence scenes full of blood, there is a certain dynamics in the movie, and the special effects are also very good. That is why i recommend it to people who enjoy a good family fantasy tails with great adventures and good final. I loved this movie, and i advise it to families with children who want to spent quality time together, i am sure it will unite them even more!

Jazmín @ 13-Jul-2014 01:08 Report a spam

I was not turning my attention upon this movie for a very long time, and now i am very sorry about it, i thought it will be a regular chinese counterfeit on the mythology subject. But later i saw that Australia was the producing country, and the movie producer was a film director with European last name and that is why i decided to watch it. I cannot say it is a cult movie, or the movie that i will remember for a long time, nope, it is usual movie about which people say, it is good for one time, but in general it is better than what i was expecting, that is why i watched it with pleasure. According to the genre it is more of a family adventure type of Disney company in a mixture with Indiana Jones. I can say that it is a nice movie especially for people who love archaeology and solving all kind of history mysteries, i got a lot of pleasure while watching it.

Sarah @ 09-Jul-2014 02:25 Report a spam

it is a childish and very nice fairy tale, that is good not due to subject line or its dynamics, but due to the beautiful visual landscape.The plot is simple, two teenagers ( both kids of archeologists) during their time digging discover some magic legend about dragons and here starts their adventures. I wouldn’t say that is was a lot of action, but it was interesting for me to watch it! The action of the movie in in China, i kept wondering if they would fly or not.
From the other side i enjoyed to see some moments of magics in the movie, i guess it is very important as well. We all are a bit kids at heart and dream about magics, that is why while seeing it on the screen it is easier to believe it really exists! I wish everyone to enjoy the watching of this kind and nice story, as it really deserves all the possible attention, what can be better than a good movie, which lives a very positive impression and mood afterwards.

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