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The Elephant Man
Genre: Biography / Drama / History
Director(s): David Lynch
Release Date: 03 October 1980
Movie rating: 8.2
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What is the movie The Elephant Man about?
Do you like weird movies? If the answer is yes, we are more than sure that you will love watching The Elephant Man! It is a 1980 movie starring Anthony Hopkins, John Hurt, Anne Bancroft, John Gielgud, Wendy Hiller, Freddie Jones, Michael Elphick. It is a drama with the elements of biography and judging by the IMDb rating of 8.3, one thing is for sure, people love to watch this movie and it is still popular, even 34 years after the relaase. David Lynch was in charge of the directing of the movie, and some of the writers are Christopher De Vore and Eric Bergren. It all happens in Victorian London, where Dr. Frederick Treves who works at the London Hospital comes across a circus sideshow attraction run by Bytes. He has a nickname - The Elephant Man. The reason why he has this nickname is the fact that a 21 year old boy John Merrick has manay physical deformities and that is why he is the attraction in the first place. Some of the deformities include a large head, his right shoulder is disfigured and also very big... The man who is in charge of him, Brutish Bytes just wants to make as much money as possible by showing him off in front of the people who are ready to pay good money to see him. Dr. Treves somehow manages to bring The Elephant Man to his hospital where he will take care of him. This is a story that everyone wanted to learn more about and that is one of the reasons why The Elephant Man has become so popular.
The Elephant Man Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Elephant Man HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Elephant ManThe Elephant ManThe Elephant ManThe Elephant ManThe Elephant ManThe Elephant ManThe Elephant ManThe Elephant ManThe Elephant ManThe Elephant Man
Henning Amin @ 08-Sep-2014 19:54 Report a spam

I just watched this movie last night and i must say... it touched me in a way no other movie has... some of the scenes even brought me to tears, which has never happened to me before.... John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins are simple incredible, and this movie is just filled with unforgettable scenes....but like some people have mentioned here before, it is an incredibly hard movie to watch, especially after you realize what a sweet, kind, smart and innocent man John Merrick was, it is often painful to watch the way he's treated by some people…

Camille Ladner @ 08-Sep-2014 19:53 Report a spam

This movie changed my life forever. To see someone so beautiful, dignified, and unique, hidden behind a body and face that society considers ugly, made me realize how the body is a decaying pile of dust, but the soul is a breath-taking and uniquely formed indestructible diamond. I believe that everyone should get a chance to see this film, for those of an open mind, and a caring soul, there is nothing else like it. It also shows the detestable ways some people treat others. I felt at first pity for John Merrick, but then my feelings changed to admiration, as the film went on. John, in the film starts as a severely deformed mute figure being badly mistreated, as the story progresses, he becomes the hero. A bold and courageous man, standing against the evils of modern society. Joseph (John) Merrick, was a man so one-of-a-kind, that someone else like him physically or emotionally will never appear again. His life should be taken as an example to everyone.

Vega @ 26-Jul-2014 12:39 Report a spam

The basis of the movie is the tragic story of Joseph Merrick that lived in the nineteenth century. Joseph has a rare and incurable disease that made his head bones growing with no control. This way Joseph’s head has become huge and ugly, and his body has changed its form. He had nothing else to do when to go into the circus and to become a thing exposed in front of people as that is the only type of work he was ever able to get as all the people on his way were scared by the way he looked and acted very aggressive towards him.
But due to a lucky case in his life he met doctor Treeves who took him away from the humiliating work that he had. He brought him to the hospital and tried to show him the new world of art. And what the story will finish with you will get to see on her own after watching the movie. And i will not spoiler anyone with it. Also i would like to say that Lynch has made a great movie, without overreacting and there was not too much tragedy in it. It is a movie about people who are different from us and who suffer because of it.

Romano @ 26-Jul-2014 08:08 Report a spam

At the beginning i didn’t really wanted to watch this movie (I mean i had a strong desire to switch it off and find something else to watch) as i thought that soon i will see someone making fun of person, or vulgarity or some cruelty, and to be honest there really were a lot of this kind of things in the movie, but not that much as i first imagined. Much more often in the film was shown humanity, and that was the thing that made me attracted to this movie, as i already mentioned there were people with lack of morality. The story was based on true events, that is why i found it so hard to believe, especially in the humanity of the heroes.In general i do not recommend this movie to everyone, only to the amateurs of biography or drama movies, who are able to compassion and preferrably not to impresive. For that period of time the movie is very qualitative, and there even are some primary special effects. The actors also did great! so check it out, and i am sure you will find a lot of things to think about.

Nicolina @ 26-Jul-2014 01:30 Report a spam

It is a very difficult to watch gloomy movie, i wouldn’t recommend this movie to people who get easily impressed, as it may affect their sensitive feelings. And of course pregnant women should not watch it as well, because in the first place it will make them cry a lot, and in the second way the stress caused by it might affect their child. The movie itself is very interesting, but after watching it you get a very heavy negative imprint in your soul for at least a few days in a row. I cannot say that it is a bad movie, but it is not for me definitely! I watched it only because this movie is based on true events, well at least this is the official story from its creators. I was very happy when the elephant man started living a good life, i was very upset by the moment when he was robbed it was very cruel. It is hard for me to believe that such people ( i do not remember the name of the of the actor who has performed the role of the thief really live on our planet. But no matter the fact that it ended in a good way, i still felt sad after watching it. I will definitely never watch this movie again!

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