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The Fighter
Genre: Biography / Drama / Sport
Director(s): David O. Russell
Release Date: 09 December 2010
Movie rating: 7.8
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What is the movie The Fighter about?
This award winning sports biopic that boasts with impressive acting talent throughout the entire cast focuses on the life of Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg), a legendary boxer and a Boston sports icon, his quest for the championship belt and his often troubled relationship with his family, especially his mother Alice (Melissa Leo) and his crack addicted half-brother Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale). Micky is a struggling professional boxer trying to break out into the upper echelons, and failing time and time again, in large part thanks to his troubled half-brother who acts as his coach and his mother as his advisor. Micky keeps getting pulled into their schemes that always seem to land him in bad places, so finally, after one of Dicky’s plans lands him in prison, Micky decides to cut off all ties with that part of his family. Spending time in jail helps Dicky put things in perspective and shake his addiction, and once he’s out he does his best to put the family back together. Meanwhile, Micky is winning one high profile match after another, thus earning a chance to fight for the championship belt. But will he finally seize the ultimate prize he spent his entire life chasing? “The Fighter” has been nominated in the best motion picture category at the 83rd Academy awards. Both Melissa Leo and Christian Bale won the Academy awards for the best supporting actress/actor.
The Fighter Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Fighter HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The FighterThe FighterThe FighterThe FighterThe FighterThe FighterThe FighterThe FighterThe FighterThe Fighter
Mariette @ 02-Aug-2014 05:00 Report a spam

This movie is based on real events that happened in the life of the boxer legend Micky Vartan, on his way to the title of the World’s champion! His life , as a life of a very calm person, who was reserved, was shown on the contrast of life of his brother who was living it loud like each day was the last day for him, who beside all those things was addicted to drugs and spent some time at the jail.
The image of the “live” filming, the cruelty and nasty dialogues, the sincerity and feelings shown the way they are, as well as things that needed to be told but were not, all of those things together with great performance has made this movie look so real towards the viewer! Due to this movie i understood how important it is to fight and never give up, no matter how hard life might treat us sometimes, it is important to stand up for the things that are important for us, as good things take time before coming true! It was very pleasant for me to see Mark Wahlberg in this movie, i am one of his biggest fans!

Kay @ 01-Aug-2014 23:36 Report a spam

I advise everyone to watch this movie, as i liked it a lot! It became one of my favorite ones! My boyfriend is a fan of boxing, and of course it was impossible not to watch this movie, especially considering the fact that he is a huge fan of Mickey Worf. He knows how that one has built his career and watched probably all of its fights. So, i being a person who is far away from enjoying this kind of sport, was surprised to see that i enjoyed this movie as well.
And later i found out that it was filmed based on the life of real people, about real events, but even without knowing all that my opinion would still have been same about this movie. Even if not taking into consideration the boxing theme in the movie, nevertheless it is interesting for me the other issue- the life of the main hero itself! Whom is not respected by his relatives and own mother, while his drug addicted brother is the hero of the family. Mickey got sick of that and decides to change everything without the “help” of his relatives, and the funny thing is that he is doing pretty well!

Vanna @ 01-Aug-2014 01:50 Report a spam

The movie “Fighter” was filmed by the producer David Russell, and it is about life of amazing people. It is a very successful movie, with great actors! Mark Wahlberg was simply amazing while performing this role! Micky Ward is an american boxer who is still alive. He and his brother no matter the age and difficult life still look great! Mickey was losing a lot of fights during a significant period of life, as he was in the shadow of his elder brother. But later Dick (his brother) became a drug addicted person and started complicating Mickey’s life and career, so in the moment when Dick got into prison, he changed the coach and the manager, and started winning right immediately! I advise everyone to see this movie, as it is a movie about the man who was not afraid to show what he wants and what he is fighting for! He had an aim and so no obstacles in making his dream come true! That is what i call a real man!

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