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The Godfather
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Director(s): Francis Ford Coppola
Release Date: 15 March 1972
Movie rating: 9.2
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What is the movie The Godfather about?
We are sure that there is no need to talk about The Godfather too much. This is one of the THE movies of all time. Released in 1972, it is still one of the most lovable mafia screenplays and it will not be easy for anyone to created such a masterpiece. In this movie you have a chance to see what happens when a father and the head of the mafia organization decides to see how it will look like when his son takes over. The director of the movie Francis Ford Coppola has made a great decision to cast Marlon Brando for the lead role in The Godfather movie. In this 175 minutes long movie you can also watch Al Pacino, James Caan and many other familiar faces. The movie is a screening of the book by Mario Puzo. We find it more than interesting that the main character in the movie is not actually in the center of attention and this is where you can see how clever the director is and that's definitely not something that you will have a chance to see often. Michael is actually in the center of this movie, and that is what many found totally surprising after reading the book. In The Godfather movie we were able to see just how good Brando is as an action, and he basically just confirmed the fact that he is one of the greatest actors. He has been rewarded for the lead role in the movie with an Oscar. The bottom line is that this is a classical movie that you will love to watch, but we highly doubt that you haven't already.
The Godfather Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Godfather HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The GodfatherThe GodfatherThe GodfatherThe GodfatherThe GodfatherThe GodfatherThe GodfatherThe GodfatherThe GodfatherThe Godfather
Ivonne @ 23-Jul-2014 21:45 Report a spam

I cannot be not amazed by this movie! The first part of it was released in 1972, but it is still somehow one of the most popular movies in the world, and i cannot say by watching it that such things are unusual nowadays. Although each of the three movies last for three hours i cannot say that there was at least one scene in plus. The subject line is worked at the highest possible level. All the characters are well discovered. And Don Corleone was simply amazing, his charisma made me thrill, i think this kind of confident look that he had, is one of those things that make a man being a real man. I felt so much respect towards him when i saw how he is treating his family. I have no words to describe it, mm i think every woman dreams about this kind of man by her side, and this kind of family. although there are bad things about it as well, as i would always be desperately worried for all of them. I think all the actors in the movie did just great, and i loved this movie, it is one of the best ones the world of cinema has ever produced!

Julie @ 19-Jul-2014 00:36 Report a spam

There are movies that have a very good plot, and there are movies that have great actors performing in it, and there are ones which have a great movie directing. But all the three parts about the Godfather are outstanding completely! First of all they are based on the wonderful novels written by the great Mario Puzo, second of all they were filmed by the magnificent Francis Ford Coppola, and in the third place it was performed by such amazing actors like Marlon Brando and Robert de Niro. As about everything else i can say that it is a regular story about one of the Italian families, which started living in New York. In this family as in any other one was a lot of joy, love, breakups and loyalty, and betrayal, death, and wedding, conflicts of the generations, and many other things. It is no point to retell the subject of those movies, it is much better watching them at least once per lifetime! There is no way you would ever be disappointed in it, and i am perfectly sure about that!

Corrado @ 18-Jul-2014 02:27 Report a spam

I always didn’t had enough time in order to spend it on watching all three parts of the Godfather, i always watched it by pieces, as each of the three parts lasts for barely three hours! At the beginning i didn’t recognized Al Pacino, as before that i saw only the movie Scar Face with him ( i liked him more in that one).
This movie is a legend and the most important thing while watching it, is to be very careful towards details and names of people who were main in the clan, although they all seem to have same face. The events in the movie are pretty slow, but captivating, i suggest you to watch this movie while being perfectly relaxed and with the thought in your head that everything is great and there is no need to rush anywhere, what can be more important than a quality time spent with the family or loved ones? Personally for me nothing else!

John @ 09-Jul-2014 20:55 Report a spam

This is one of those movies that made me wonder why I had not watched it earlier. The performance from everyone involved is great, Marlon Brando comes across perfectly as the head of the family, and James Caan and Al Pacino are excellent as his sons. The soundtrack by Nino Rota is also very memorable, bringing back memories of the film every time I hear it. The story line is purely excellent for it to get ten out of ten, and it is, it's far from predictable and the film is a perfect example of a great epic. The film is pretty shocking in the way every death occurs almost instantaneously, and as it spans ten years so many different things happen and every minute of it is great entertainment. The film is well-made and very entertaining and is only the first part of a trilogy, but it stands on its own as a wonderful film in its own right. If you didn’t see it yet, no need to wait, you will not be disappointed, this is for sure.

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