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The Green Inferno
Genre: Adventure / Horror / Thriller
Director(s): Eli Roth
Release Date: 05 September 2014
Movie rating: 5.3
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What is the movie The Green Inferno about?
Justine is a freshman at Columbia University who willingly joins an activist group being attracted by its charismatic leader Alejandro. Even despite unfriendly behavior of the group’s leader, Justine is eager to participate in a trip into the Amazon organized in order to protest land developers who are decimating native populations. Upon arriving into the Amazon their protest meets with mixed success, they achieve their goals and hurry up to return home. They quickly turn around their plane and head back to the civilization, but unfortunately their plane crashes. The young people are lost in the juggles and soon intercepted by the very cannibalistic tribe they’ve been defending so persistently. All the survivors are imprisoned in the tribe’s village. They discover that the indigenous world is far more sinister than the civilized one they were trying to protect it from.
The Green Inferno Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Green Inferno HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Green InfernoThe Green InfernoThe Green InfernoThe Green InfernoThe Green InfernoThe Green InfernoThe Green InfernoThe Green InfernoThe Green Inferno
Blake @ 17-Jul-2014 04:17 Report a spam

I can say that this movie has become one of my biggest nightmares, and not at all due to the fact it is a scary one, but because it is a disgusting one and i had to see it, as my boyfriend asked me to watch it with him. All the movie is about showing vulgar nude scenes, that make you feel sick about. I have no idea who wrote the scenario for it, but i can definitely say that it is a crazy psycho person that needs to be sent to a clinic where he would be able to get the needed help. I wasn’t that shocked for a very long time!
There is no subject in it at all. Everything is chaotic and senseless. The other important thing is i don’t get how the actors have agreed to play their part in it?! Or they were so desperate that agreed to perform in this crap, better in a crappy movie than sit around and do nothing, I think that it is the position of a silly person to do something like this! Ugh, cannot explain how irritated i am about all those things! Damn it! People keep your nerves safe, do not waste your time on this “thing”!

Danielle @ 16-Jul-2014 03:28 Report a spam

It is a awful movie from the category that i call simply trash! Unfortunately movies like this one never had any special qualitative scenario. But this one doesn’t seem to have a scenario at all, i even got a feeling that it was created on the knee in the park right a few minutes before being filmed! And in general instead of listing the things that this movie doesn’t have, it is easier to show the things that it has.
There are some bright panoramas of amazon landscapes, there are a bunch of pretty animals filmed from various sides, and there are a lot of local people who are very curious to watch everything that is going on. i think the speed of this movie is same as in action movies that are at least thirty years old! But all of those things are much better shown on the Discovery channel. That is why i would have to admit, that this movie sucks and doesn’t deserve even a minute of time wasted on it, i am sure there are things more interesting to see than this, and if not there always some chores that need to be done at home!

Meg @ 15-Jul-2014 01:25 Report a spam

First of all i should say that you should not expect too much from this movie as you will not find anything like that in it! And you will not see hell in it. But you will get to see some wonderful landscapes, real indians, some very beautiful actors, and a very beautiful main hero who has wonderful sad eyes! There will be adventures, fights, but everything will end up pretty well! All four of the main heroes would go through their trials and would get into a trap to very bad guys, but all of them would stay alive. If saying in one word this is an adventure movie which was made in the style of eighties for children from 7 to 12 years old (except the moments of blood scenes or sex). People who are elder than this age would want something more extreme, the scenario itself is very weak, but the composer and the main actors have done everything they could in order to make it look if not very good than at least decent. My recommendation is not wasting time on this movie, and better do something more useful at home.

Sadoc Jablonski @ 06-Jul-2014 10:03 Report a spam

A very slow start threatens to derail The Green Inferno, but once the terror begins, it never lets up and Roth once again proves why he's a master of horror

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