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The Green Mile
Genre: Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery
Director(s): Frank Darabont
Release Date: 06 December 1999
Movie rating: 8.5
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What is the movie The Green Mile about?
The Green Mile is a movie based on a novel written by the master of horror, Stephen King. Mr. King didn't intend for the book to come out the way it did, he knew only that he wanted a novel set in a prison, and the rest is history. We are glad that Stephen King did it the way he did, otherwise this brilliant movie wouldn't have been made. The movie is about a man named Paul Edgecomb (played by Tom Hanks) who is working as a prison guard on death row. His life is getting worse due to seeing many people having their lives ended on an electric chair. Everything changes when one day John Coffey (played by Mark Clarke Duncan) enters the prison. He is a huge man who had been accused of murdering two children. As brutal as he seems to look, he is a big softy with a gentle, caring heart. This movie is about how John Coffey changes lives around the people who live around him and how the other people react to him. It is a magnificent story of human nature, forgiveness and love. This movie is a piece of art, a pure masterwork, and everyone who appreciates a good movie should definitely check it out. None movie comes close to the brilliance of The Green Mile, you will feel joy, sadness, happiness and much more while watching it, so give it a go, you are going to love it!
The Green Mile Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Green Mile HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Green MileThe Green MileThe Green MileThe Green MileThe Green MileThe Green MileThe Green MileThe Green MileThe Green MileThe Green Mile
Alida @ 29-Jul-2014 03:04 Report a spam

I think all the people who saw this movie, but didn’t read the novel, should definitely do it, as they will totally change their perception about the movie, and you will get a lot of pleasure from it, not to mention that you will see this story in a completely different, interesting light. And there are a lot of important details in the book that didn’t enter into the movie. During twelve years, i saw this movie for fifteen times or even more. It is an amazing movie. You get the idea that you know it by heart, the last time i saw it i was crying out loud, and could not help myself after it. This is the type of movie that is changing the conscience, and makes you think about good or bad things in a different way and with new emotions.As it usually happens in life there is no justice, but due to this movie maybe some things will Not happen in your life, and those things are being discovered while watching the movie. I wish you to enjoy watching this movie and hopefully you will feel same things as i after watching it.

Diógenes @ 26-Jul-2014 09:00 Report a spam

One more time i saw how difficult is to film movies that are based on Stephen King, without losing half of the sense of the story. There are so many thoughts in his creation, so much deep content, that is it simply impossible to place all that in two hours of a movie.I could not decide to watch it for a very long time as i was afraid to be disappointed, and now i understand why. This movie looks naive and doesn't show all the depth of the novel. The actors were pretty good, especially Michael Clarke Duncan, when i read the book personally i have imagined him exactly this way, and the atmosphere of the prison is shown very well as well, but.. there is a but. I got the feeling that i watched the spoiler to the book. In general i made the conclusion, that if you do not read the book then you will like the movie, but if you did, than don’t expect some special emotions, like from the original book. To your own benefit i do hope that you did not read the book and have no clue about it.

Esther @ 26-Jul-2014 02:24 Report a spam

I remember a long time ago i watched this movie, and a few days ago i decided to refresh it in my memory, and i can say that this movie is for all times and generations. And i think that all the movies based on King are of the same kind. It amazed me deep down to my soul, the performance of the actors has been an extraordinary one, there were moments when i wanted to cry, and there were some when i wanted to laugh, and a bunch of other emotions, i have watched it not less than ten times per my life, and i guess i would watch it ten more times because this movies is a very strong one! I think that if there were some other actors than it wouldn’t leave such a great impression. In some moments even my husband has cried! I advise everyone to watch this movie, you will not waste your time at all, in fact i am sure that you will feel same thing as i felt, or my husband felt, the feeling that you just saw a real masterpiece. P.S. too bad that the main actor has died recently.

Emmanuelle Mcadams @ 22-Jul-2014 15:29 Report a spam

This movie….I can't explain it in words but, this is the best sob movie in time. I'm not going to say its "one of the best" or "probably the best" because I know. This movie is the best. Why? When I was young, about the time you can't walk, I somehow opened the tv and saw this. I only saw a scene of it but, it was so, how to say this, close? I think. Whatever, I couldn't get that movie out of my mind then a 9ish years later, I found the name. I saw the whole movie and now, I feel accomplished. A part of the scene in this movie is so moving that I searched and searched when it was possible to search. I came from a poor family once so I didn't have the internet or a phone or a computer, just a tv. So now, since I have a laptop, I want to say this to the world. This movie changed my life.

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