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The King's Speech
Genre: Drama / History
Director(s): Tom Hooper
Release Date: 05 September 2010
Movie rating: 8.0
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What is the movie The King's Speech about?
Are you into the movies based on true stories? Here is one of those! The King's Speech is about King George VI and the issues that he has had with speaking and stuttering. That is not all since he has an announcement to make since the country is going to become a part of the war soon. Can you imagine him talking in front the whole nation while stuttering. That was no acceptable for the Royal family and that is why he had to find help. His wife Queen Elizabeth finds Liolel Logue who used to help soldiers during the World War I, and it turned out that he has a very special method to help his patients. In addition to that, it is not that easy to help the King, especially since he is very popular in his country and world wide. Colin Firth is King George VI in The King's Speech directed by Tom Hooper. It is a marvelous movie awarded with the academy award Oscar. It is a lovely story about an insecure King who is dealing with the problems that everyone else from his country is dealing. It is not easy for him, but he is giving his best in order to show that he is strong and that “he has a voice too!” The King's Speech is going to keep you seated in your chair and you will fall in love with the acting of these great actors. Not only that they are more than fun to watch, but, if you ask us, if the movie is based on a true story, that totally adds up to the drama and the whole story. The members of MagWeb have watched the movie several times and we believe that you will do the same!
The King's Speech Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The King's Speech HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The King's SpeechThe King's SpeechThe King's SpeechThe King's SpeechThe King's SpeechThe King's SpeechThe King's SpeechThe King's SpeechThe King's SpeechThe King's Speech
Mariette @ 02-Aug-2014 04:33 Report a spam

I watched this movie on my television. First of all when i entered the room where my husband was watching it i asked him to switch it to something else as it looked boring to me. But little by little by attention was stick to the screen and i could not stop watching it! Colin Firth is an amazing actor with huge charisma. Only for his performance it is worthy watching this movie. I was amazed till deep down of my soul what person was the king of England. How comic was the total absence of power in the monarchy. He was a puppet, the main aim of which was reading carefully without mistakes the speech that was “approved” for him, and after that to wave with his hand from the balcony being fully dressed in royal uniform. So if more precisely it is a person with no opinion, no voice and who is standing far away from “ruling” the country. Sort of brand. He is said things that he needs to do.And the most unpleasant and awkward thing, is that this is the situation that is on, till nowadays.

Martti @ 01-Aug-2014 23:29 Report a spam

It is movie about, how many things you can get from this life if you force yourself to do something, and you are chasing your dream, little by little. This movie is reminding to the viewer that it is possible to overcome any kind of troubles, only if having the wish to do it, the will and the stubbornness, this way even some of the impossible things may come true. And also it is important to have by your side the person who believes in you! Some people may think that this movie is a boring one, and its subject line doesn’t make sense (that is actually the opinion of my best friend). Because this movie is about a king who was struggling with the stuttering, and this “problem” was really troubling his life. But personally i liked this movie a lot, and i watched it with great pleasure, that is why recommend it to everyone. Unlike a lot of up to date movies after watching which there is a hole in your head, this one really makes you think about a lot of serious stuff.

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