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The Nut Job
Genre: Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family
Director(s): Peter Lepeniotis
Release Date: 17 January 2014
Movie rating: 5.7
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What is the movie The Nut Job about?
The Nut Job is an animated movie about a squirrel named Surly the Squirrel, he is a bit of an odd ball and he love goofing around. One of his capers leads to the animal community's winter food cache being destroyed and he gets exiled. Surly, together with his rat friend Buddy discover a nut store which they can raid. During that time the other squirrels Andy and Grayson are charged by Raccoon to find a new source of food. Andie runs into Surly and has no other options but to help with Surly's heist. Meanwhile Raccoon wants to assure his power and has his own agenda and the nut store is actually a front for some bank robbers. Surly will soon find himself in deep trouble and he will have to deal with it, and that's how a fun adventure for the whole family begins. The plot is as simple as it can get, but it is perfect for a family oriented movie. It is fun to meet the characters and see them develop and a big plus is that the characters are absolutely adorable. Children will definitely fall in love with them. They are also gorgeously animated and voice acting is top notch, and how couldn't it be, the cast is amazing; Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson, Katherine Heigl, only to name a few. If you aren't ashamed of admitting to watching movies for children, definitely see this one and if you have kids, go ahead and watch it with them, you are bound to have a fun evening with the family.
The Nut Job Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Nut Job HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Nut JobThe Nut JobThe Nut JobThe Nut JobThe Nut JobThe Nut JobThe Nut JobThe Nut JobThe Nut JobThe Nut Job
Celine @ 17-Jul-2014 04:11 Report a spam

I have noticed that lately it is very popular the idea of making the main hero a mean one. I mean one who eventually turns to be a good one by the end of the cartoon, i cannot say that i am a fan of this idea, but why not, that sounds like fun to me. In this cartoon there are many bad things described, such as lying and being witty, stealing and betrayal and so on. I think that kids need to learn completely different values than the ones that are described in this cartoon. That is why i don’t even know for whom it was made, as for the adults it is too long and boring, and for kids it is too vulgar. I cannot say that i didn’t like the cartoon because eventually it is a very cute and interesting one, but at the same time i cannot say that i felt any kind of emotions from it. In general i can say that it is for watching once, and afterwards forgetting about it for good. Anyways i guess that there are a lot more better options than this one to choose, that is why the decision is up to you of course, but i am just saying, i am just saying!

Danielle @ 16-Jul-2014 03:21 Report a spam

I think the main plus of this cartoon is its subject, it is interesting and at the same time easy as a kitchen table. There are no unexpected twists in this cartoon, as well as some original subject turns, but still this cartoon is very interesting and deserves spending two hours in front of TV while watching it! The other thing i liked were the characters who were cute, not standard. The dog was funny, but there wasn’t too much of him in the cartoon. While the mean hero (not the squirrel) and its mean bird are impressing! Those are the only two plusses about it. As about minuses, i didn’t like how people were shown in it, starting with the girl who was buying nuts, and finishing with the guy in charge for the mob! They all looked disgusting, like they all are evil. I think it is wrong showing something like this to the children, as it will certainly make them think not proper things, and they might start acting bad towards surrounding them people and family! In my opinion cartoons are the tools via which a good message is supposed to be delivered to children!

Bee @ 15-Jul-2014 01:17 Report a spam

I never thought that the twenty century fox will release a cartoon of such quality! Well i will start with banal, the plot. Of course it is easy to read about it in the description, but i should underline that the plot is quite naive and doesn’t differ with anything from the regular cartoons.Maybe at the beginning it was a great idea, but its realization really sucked! And humor in the cartoon is also a big problem, as the quantity of funny situations does not bring any satisfaction! As a result if comparing this cartoon with other ones than i can easily say that Nut Job is for watching it once per life and after forget about it. I can surely say that no one will feel any satisfaction from watching it! The idea of making the main character a mean one becomes more, and more popular lately, and i did not get saturated with it, that is why i decided to see this cartoon, but unfortunately the scenario writers haven’t done their job good, that is why they ruined the entire story! Hate them!

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