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The Raid 2
Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller
Director(s): Gareth Evans
Release Date: 28 March 2014
Movie rating: 8.0
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What is the movie The Raid 2 about?
We are happy to review one of the fresh movies on the international cinema sky. It is called The Raid 2 and it has very high ratings. That is why we have decided to write a bit more about it. The director is Gareth Evans, who has already been in charge for some similar action, crime, thriller movies before and obviously for the first The Raid movie. After the first Raid, Rama (played by Iko Uwais) has a plan to beat the syndicate and to deal with the corruption in the police force. He is doing a good job with the thugs in Jakarta as well. That is when the story unfolds. You will enjoy watching these actors that are mostly not popular, but they are fun to watch in action. It is a very fast movie with a lot of action, and it is really difficult to tell what is going to happen next. In some of the scenes you will see a lot of dad bodies lying around and that means that the rivers of blood are a part of the movie. The main character really thought that he will be able to live a normal life, but that is not possible, especially after the first raid. The second part is even more interesting to watch, and once again, the story is all about politicians who are ready to do whatever to make some extra money.
The Raid 2 Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Raid 2 HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Raid 2The Raid 2The Raid 2The Raid 2The Raid 2The Raid 2The Raid 2The Raid 2The Raid 2The Raid 2
Kaarlo Marino @ 29-Jul-2014 16:18 Report a spam

The Raid 2 is one of the greatest action movies I have ever seen. Gareth Evans is a true talent behind the camera. Where The Raid: Redemption was a kinetic, fight-a-minute thrill ride, its sequel is built around a story. You won't feel its 150 minute run time because you will be engulfed in its gritty tale about family, loyalty, betrayal, and identity. Three crime families ultimately end up at war with each other with Rama being caught in the middle as an undercover cop exposing corruption. Amidst the drama are incredibly choreographed, expertly staged, and graphically violent fight scenes. Weapons, hand-to-hand, gunfights, car chases, The Raid 2 has it all and it doesn't let up!

Happy @ 16-Jul-2014 22:49 Report a spam

Although Raid 2 was a limited movie, i can say that it still found its way to the cinema. And it was a very enchanting movie. Mega cool! I am of course a huge fan of this genre, this way i can say for sure that my opinion is a very individual one, but from the other side i have nothing to compare with, as those two hours and a half have been the time full of childish happiness for me!
For those two hours and a half, the subject line is quite good, and they did their job just great wit revealing all the things listed in the plot! It is a cocktail of ultraviolence, brutality and adrenaline rush. This movie was filmed under the name (don’t be sorry for the stunt makers). But there is a huge minus in it, the consequences of it, as the quality line was set so high that it would be hard to get to it later. That is why i am worrying for another action movies that soon are to be released, i hope they will not disappoint me either, although i am sure that i would not be widely thrilled about them.

Raffaela @ 16-Jul-2014 00:17 Report a spam

In general i can say that i liked the movie, but it was a bit weird when at the end of it, they already could not, they didn't had any power left but were still fighting)) , that was very hard to believe, but at the same time very funny :)
Also i liked the actor who performed the role of the son of the main one in this group he was so good, and the main hero was not bad as well. But i forgot to tell the most important thing that i didn’t watch the first part, although it seemed to not be a problem for me.
The amateurs of this genre of course would enjoy this movie, but i advice them to see the first part of the movie before getting to the second one, especially considering the fact that soon they will make the third part of it. Anyway it is not that bad to watch it, i think i will even watch it later one more time, or even a few times, as it is not that bad at all, even for a person who is not a fan of action movies and scenes full of blood. Although i would not be against some love story in the movie.

Rene @ 14-Jul-2014 22:27 Report a spam

Finally was released a really qualitative action movie that has made me really happy! Most of all i liked the epic fights in it ( as well as in the first part of the movie), those fights have become different a bit, and the subject line become more concrete than in the first part. I can say that it is one of the best sequels i have ever seen! But i would not recommend it to people who haven’t seen the first part of the movie, as there would be too many things they will not understand in the second part. This movie is for sure not aimed for watching it in the family, and even for a romantic walk into cinema (although maybe there are some “amateurs”. There are a lot of fights in it, and all of them are so effective, they break bones and there are a lot of blood scenes. I can say that all the blood you seen in 300 of Spartans will look like a childish thing in comparison with this movie, even for me sometimes it was too much to handle.

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