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The Returned
Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller
Director(s): Manuel Carballo
Release Date: 15 November 2013
Movie rating: 5.9
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What is the movie The Returned about?
The Returned is a zombie thriller written by Hatem Khraiche and directed by Manuel Carballo. It is a story of a world where a deadly zombie virus has infected mankind but a cure has been found.A treatment exists and it is called the "Return Protein" which makes the virus docile. The injection has to be given every 36 hours to the infected if they don't want to "turn". Soon enough it is discovered that the supplies of the virus are running low and chaos engulfs the streets. Those who aren't receiving the medicine start turning into zombies and start wreaking havoc. In the middle of this chaos are Alex and Kate. Kate is a leading doctor in the field of zombie viruses and Alex is one of the Returned. Alex's secret becomes known and the dosage of his medicine runs low. He and Kate have to fight for a chance to live before Alex becomes a zombie. This has to be one of the best zombie movies out there. This is not a horror movie, but a thriller, and a damn good one! It is a very intense movie, and it keeps the viewer engaged from the start till the end. There are some horror elements and there is some gore in The Returned, but that is not the main point of the movie. Everyone who is a fan of zombie flicks should see this one, it reinvents the genre in an interesting way and makes it even better than it already is. Definitely see this movie, it can not disappoint!
The Returned Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Returned HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The ReturnedThe ReturnedThe ReturnedThe ReturnedThe ReturnedThe ReturnedThe ReturnedThe ReturnedThe ReturnedThe Returned
Hanin Cloninger @ 03-Sep-2014 22:04 Report a spam

I have been wondering: where do all these zombie films come from? This one comes from Canada. Like everything else, genres come and go in cycles. Fortunately, this is one of the better in the cycle, if it is even a zombie film at all. Very good news: this isn't a 'found footage' mess, so those of you, that like me prefer real movies, will be pleased. In an interesting twist a 'new' take is offered on the 'zombies have problems too' theme. Early on we find that a serum that keeps the undead alive and normal is running out. What to do! From there we are treated to a very nice thriller. In fact, thematically this could easily be considered as a thriller and not a zombie movie. Overall, very watchable, on par with the better made for television stuff. I have read that some feel the ending is a bit shocking, but I can't agree with that at all. The plot is developed nicely by that point and all fits together very well for me.

Robin Clifford @ 12-Aug-2014 20:18 Report a spam

The concept of vigilantism zombie-style raises sympathy for the would-be monsters who just want a normal life, turning the genre on its ear.

Andries Laliberté @ 31-Jul-2014 14:08 Report a spam

First it seems intriguing then it goes along for some episodes where nothing happens than goes completely shitty in the last two episodes. Extremely disappointing.

Elisabeth Salgado @ 31-Jul-2014 14:07 Report a spam

New York Magazine (Vulture)
Matt Zoller Seitz
Oct 21, 2013
Some of the encounters evoke the returned abductees in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, while others have the nasty, bone-deep chill you associate with John Carpenter’s stalk-and-kill classics. Beneath it all is an air of existential dread. The universe is out of order. Life itself has gone haywire.

Itaete Kárpáty @ 31-Jul-2014 14:04 Report a spam

This TV series is intriguing & beautifully made. It's hard to pigeonhole it into a genre because it touches on so many emotions - making you feel scared, confused & profoundly moved in the space of 8 short episodes - but it is an incredibly rewarding watching experience for anyone with patience & an open mind. Cannot wait for season 2.

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