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The Suite Life Movie
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Drama
Director(s): Sean McNamara
Release Date: 24 March 2011
Movie rating: 5.3
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What is the movie The Suite Life Movie about?
Two twins Cody (Cole Sprouse) and Zack (Dylan Sprouse) become a part of the experimental work called Gemeni Project. This project is held by Dr. Ronald Olsen (Matthew Glave), who, studying the emotional and physical bond the twins have, hopes to put end to the evil in the world. Cody and Zack, among the hundred of twins at the experimenting camp, eat an experimental fruit that allows them to form constant physical and emotional bond. When they work on the development of this bond they accidentally learn that Dr. Olsen creates a mind-controlled army with evil intentions and they are in a big danger…
The Suite Life Movie Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Suite Life Movie HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Suite Life MovieThe Suite Life MovieThe Suite Life MovieThe Suite Life MovieThe Suite Life MovieThe Suite Life MovieThe Suite Life MovieThe Suite Life MovieThe Suite Life MovieThe Suite Life Movie
Nikki @ 13-Jul-2014 00:59 Report a spam

In the life of the restless twins Zack and Cody there is a new stage soon will start their graduating exams and they will go to college. But first they need to figure out where will they spent their last vacation from school. Cody invites Bailey Pickett to go with him in a trip, but in the last moment he is cancelling the trip. Because he and Zach got a one time in life offer that they cannot turn down. It is about the research effect of twins, and while participating in it they can win a valuable prize. Brothers move to scientific camp where weird things start happening! Honestly speaking it is a very childish movie, but nevertheless i had fun while watching it!

Colin @ 13-Jul-2014 00:24 Report a spam

It is a new, made according to all the laws of the genre, adventure movie for teenagers made by Disney. The plot of the movie- are the adventures of two twin brothers. One of them is a complete dunce, while the second one is serious and smart. They are invited to participate in an experiment where there is a need to check a few theories about the behavior of twins. Eventually the doctor who makes this experiment is a evil person and a maniac, and the main aim of the experiment is to enslave all the human kind. So the twins have to start a encounter with the villain in order to obtain the victory. So in general it is a very attractive movie for teenagers, especially if they like the unusual style of Disney movies. Of course the little ones will not enjoy it, but starting from eleven years old it will be already interesting to watch it. A lot of humor, jokes and specific teenager situations.

Mildred @ 09-Jul-2014 02:19 Report a spam

Cody Martin was invited for spring work in the scientific camp, so this way he has a problem to solve, as he needs to tell his girlfriends Bailey Pickett that their plans for the vacation time are being postponed. But his brother Zach decided that he would better deal with it, that is why he makes a fight between Cody and Bailey, due to Zach’s stuff both brothers had to move from scientific biology camo to the camp that researches the twins. Here starts the most interesting thing!
Cole and Dean had made a great job while performing roles of Cody and Zach, it is interesting the fact that they are brothers in their real life as well. As usually Cody was the calm one, while Zach was doing all kind of bad stuff, too bad there were not many heroes in this movie, i liked Brenda Song and Debbie Rain. It is a great movie by Disney Channel, here it is a lot of romantics, fantasy and it is simply a good comedy. Not the most successful product of the channel but pretty good one.

Tina @ 21-Jun-2014 19:39 Report a spam

The film turned out to be better than my expectations were. I would like the movie to surround more of the boat instead of something that had nothing to do with the show. Dylan and Cole's acting I found probably the best, there was a lot of suspense and action in this film. Even though the beginning was slow, there was a great, big ending. Though the plot was a bit unrealistic, pulled me right in the movie. The few things I didn't like about it is that the camera was shot at weird angles and there was too much music being played in the background. I can mention the great comedy and acting. I loved the whole movie and thought it was one of the best Disney movies I seen.

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