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The Trials of Cate McCall
Genre: Drama
Director(s): Karen Moncrieff
Release Date: 01 April 2014
Movie rating: 6.3
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What is the movie The Trials of Cate McCall about?
Cate McCall is a hotshot lawyer; she can resolve almost any case. At least she could until she took the case of a woman convicted of murder. Nobody believes in her innocence but Cate has to prove it in order to be reinstated to the bar and recover custody of her daughter. Casey is wrongfully convicted of murder and Cate has to figure out what she was set up. Soon she learns that some policeman is actually guilty and he covered some evidence in order to set up Casey. Casey doesn’t have a clue why she’s been framed. Little by little Cate tries to untangle this awkward case but nobody wants her to find out the truth. That’s why she is threatened, evidence disappears and other strange things happen. The trials at court are heated by these events. She finds out who’s the killer but he smiles at her pointless efforts to prove that it is him and not Casey. The whole movie is a courtroom drama: some personal drama (we learn that Cate could lose her daughter because of her alcoholism) plus an unresolvable case.
The Trials of Cate McCall Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Trials of Cate McCall HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Trials of Cate McCallThe Trials of Cate McCallThe Trials of Cate McCallThe Trials of Cate McCallThe Trials of Cate McCallThe Trials of Cate McCallThe Trials of Cate McCallThe Trials of Cate McCallThe Trials of Cate McCallThe Trials of Cate McCall
Ryan @ 24-Jul-2014 02:00 Report a spam

Mmm, if someone is interested in watching a drama about lawyers and courts, than i guess this movie is for you guys. There are no confessions or new words in the genre, and of course this movie is about hard times in nineties. The trial process was not a very complexed one, and was not overloaded with details, which makes the story easy understandable for everyone, even to such people who do not understand anything about it as i am. I would love to say a few compliments about my favorite actress, but this is not the case. Kate was crying, crying a lot, but those tears were not enough. Well she was good enough, but she didn’t showed everything she is capable of, i was expecting more from her, while she missed something, something very important that is why her full image looked like not fully discovered. Waste of time, that is my conclusion about the movie.

Kristin @ 19-Jul-2014 05:12 Report a spam

I think this movie is not quite Kate’s level, i think she is supposed to perform in something famous and in the kind of movies that are released in Hungary or Singapore. Kate Beckinsale for some reason during her entire career didn’t got any serious nomination, not to mention awards. I find it very upsetting.
This way we got not a very interesting court drama in which Kate Beckinsale performs more and better than usually, and makes us hope about something, that soon we will see her with a statue in her hands. So go Katie, go!!! And how could i forgot about the good and old Nick Nolte. He was always good, but not in this movie, her was too old for it, and didn’t look to good.Ugh it was so hard understanding him, it looked like he was chewing something all the time. that is why it was hard to understand what he is trying to say there. My opinion is there is anything else good in this movie beside Kate Beckinsale, who did great, but that is not a wonder at all, right?

Jred @ 18-Jul-2014 06:07 Report a spam

I think Kate Beckinsale is the only reason for watching this movie and turning the attention on this movie. Well it is a well known fact which is very easy to understand, because eventually seeing the red face of Nick Nolte from abusing alcohol. I can say for sure that in a lot of cases we turn our attention upon the movie only due to the actors who are performing the main part in it, and it doesn’t even matter that right from the beginning it is very obvious that it is going to be a bad one for sure! for this kind of people i will say, that yeah, for sure, Kate deserves you to watch this movie, she really did a great job while performing! She is almost in every single scene, and eventually makes it better with her presence.For such people as Kate i think it is totally deserves being watched! And of course it will be pleasant for people who are admiring her talent. But if you are interested in drama, than this movie is certainly not for you, as it is hard for me to call it a drama.

Daniel @ 25-May-2014 16:44 Report a spam

I consider this film is using traditional "clichés" very well to create a great story. The main character has inner conflicts, motivations, and these are very well correlating with the main storyline and the whole message of the entire story. It's not something I should be bringing up here, but frankly, most movies are lacking this.

Anyways, the courtroom case is rather interesting, both the mood and the pace of the film are satisfying, so I find it's quite enjoyable and also makes the audience think. And last, but not the least, Kate Beckinsale convinced me, that she's not a bad actress, she just needs a good character to play.

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