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There Will Be Blood
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Director(s): Paul Thomas Anderson
Release Date: 27 September 2007
Movie rating: 8.1
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What is the movie There Will Be Blood about?
Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, “There Will Be Blood” was singled out by many respectable publications as the best movie of the first decade of the 21st century. It is an epic historic tale about greedy and merciless business policies during the California oil boom at the turn of the 20th century. Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a ruthless prospector in New Mexico who makes a transition to drilling oil in Southern California and starts a small drilling company. His ruthlessness and his utter lack of morals make him a wealthy man but also leave a trail of lives ruined in his wake. Most of the film deals with his relations with the farmers from a small California village sitting atop a large oil well, particularly with Plainview’s dealings with the farmers and his struggle to convince one of them to sell his land so he could build a pipeline. Over the course of the movie we see how Plainview’s evil doings leave a mark on the lives of people he crosses paths with, and also on his own character. Throughout the course of the movie we see him gradually becoming more violent, more erratic, more cruel and capable of committing the most horrible deeds, while alienating anyone who was ever close to him. His performance in the film gave Daniel Day-Lewis the Academy award for the best actor. The film is also noted for the musical score by Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead.
There Will Be Blood Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any There Will Be Blood HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
There Will Be BloodThere Will Be BloodThere Will Be BloodThere Will Be BloodThere Will Be BloodThere Will Be BloodThere Will Be BloodThere Will Be BloodThere Will Be BloodThere Will Be Blood
Sarika @ 31-Jul-2014 11:56 Report a spam

There are movies that are describing all the aspects of our life in a very honest manner, maybe via using an ordinary image, this way they are changing the perception of the world. This movie is unique in its kind, and it is the only correct piece of puzzle that is easy to base in the mosaic of the perception of the world. This movie “There will be blood” is the reflection of this understanding. The image of a petrol billionaire who is a little man trying to look higher by demonstrating his power upon other small “people”. All the things that make a person human are not a part of this person, as all the feelings have nothing to do with him.
The image of this person was performed in a perfect way- there is nothing in vain about him. This movie made a greater impression upon me, even a more serious impression than the masterpieces written by Shakespeare, but unlike performances in the theater the impression from this movie is stronger due to the decorations.

Fredrik @ 31-Jul-2014 07:43 Report a spam

I would suggest this movie to people who enjoy and can appreciate a real movie made in a great quality! I think it is a must to watch this movie for you guys! The genre of this movie is something in the middle between drama and thriller, for me it is quite difficult to see the difference. The filming of the movie on the basis of “Petrol” novel is the classics of American literature. The action of the movie is somewhere by the end of twenties in California and it describes the rase of the petroleum company, its bloo. This company belongs to an ambitious man with no soul Planeview.
I can say that it is really rare now to meet a good movie on your path! Usually there are some movies that are made for fun, but there is nothing serious about them. That is why i appreciate this movie so much, i felt joy, increase of adrenalin and great mood during all the ninety minutes of watching it!

Samir @ 30-Jul-2014 21:55 Report a spam

I should start with mentioning that this movie is not for everyone. And the majority of people watching it will not be able to watch it even till the middle. As the beginning of it is very tiring, it is shown the evolution of life of the main hero, and the growth of his career, how he started and what things he was able to accomplish. The movie is very real, it is not fake and doesn’t show things that are not real, that was exactly that made me so attached to it. This movie is dark and very tragic with a very specific music that is pressuring a lot in the moral way. But never the less there is a very deep meaning in the movie which is worthy. I was pushed away by lack of soul of the main hero, as he is ready to step upon everything and everyone, even if it is the closest person for the sake of money, and getting the aim. I would definitely advise it to people who enjoy the quality movies with real sense and real subject line, i don’t know about you guys but i am sick of soap operas.

Samuel @ 17-Jul-2014 14:54 Report a spam

This movie feels like a Cormac McCarthy novel adapted to the screen. Its a brutal and dark movie, with a stellar performance by Daniel Day-Lewis. The only thing that keeps this movie from having four stars in my opinion, is that at times it tries to be more than its not, tackling too many themes at once. I can understand why some viewers view this movies as pompose and pretentious. For its true on some level, yet untrue on others. 3 and half stars for me.

Jack @ 17-Jul-2014 14:29 Report a spam

“There Will Be Blood” is Paul Thomas Anderson's resounding achievement and mark of ascendance into the cinematic upper echelon. Formally astounding-the first fifteen minutes are nearly silent-Blood is the cultivation of everything PTA has put forth before this point. The narrative is engaging and ambiguous, the technical craft both epic and subtle, and Daniel Day-Lewis' performance surpasses even the most complimentary adjective. There Will Be Blood is Paul Thomas Anderson's most fully realized film to date.

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