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Total Recall
Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Director(s): Len Wiseman
Release Date: 03 August 2012
Movie rating: 6.2
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What is the movie Total Recall about?
The movie “Total Recall” is a coming sci-fi action movie that is actually a remake on homonymous movie of 1990 with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a leading character. The story of the movie develops in the far away future. New Shanghai and Euromerica lead a battle for the supremacy. An ordinary factory worker (Farrell) is suffering from constant dreadful nightmares and with time, he starts suspecting he is a spy, but is not sure what side he works for and what the results of his lost memory will be for this fight…The date of release of “Total Recall” in USA and Canada is scheduled on the 3rd of August, 2012.
Total Recall Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Total Recall HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Total RecallTotal RecallTotal RecallTotal RecallTotal RecallTotal RecallTotal RecallTotal RecallTotal RecallTotal Recall
Erica @ 25-Jun-2014 11:06 Report a spam

I didn’t like the movie at all, i can say that beside the talented performance of the actors, there is nothing good about it at all. Yes of course it is a fantasy movie, but i would suggest watching the old version of this movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, because even though that movie is much older, it has more quality in the plot than the new one. I can say that actors who play the main role in the movie are the only worthy thing about it, and i can assure that not watching this movie, will assure at least not wasting the valuable time. My opinion that this movie desperately needed another atmosphere, more humor, interesting dialogues, and a bit of cruelty as well, but i find none of those things in the movie, there is nothing about it, that makes you wait and looking at it till the end. If making a conclusion about it in one word, than i would say it is boring.

Molly @ 09-Jun-2014 21:40 Report a spam

Doug Quaid is a simple factory worker who was “lucky” to live on the planet Earth in the end of 21 century. He lives with an amazing woman Laurie who is his wife and a nurse for seven years in a row. But Doug realizes that there is something that he wants, some new feelings and old memories that turned into his dreams. When he comes to the corporation “Total recall” he decides to “take out” of his head all the memories, which brings him to bad consequences. I can say that acting staff is the thing i liked most of all in this movie, i watched it till the end, because i was very concerned with the final fate of the main heroes. The actors of this movie are the ones who made the ratio of the movie higher than it was expected. As about the subject line, i can say there were a variety of things which were not very interesting for me. Also i enjoyed seeing the world of future in the movie, hopefully in reality that future will be a bit better.

Jessica @ 07-Jun-2014 00:39 Report a spam

I think this movie is simply amazing, i watched it for two times, and i can certainly say that i would love to see it even more times. The thing i like most of all about it, is that i cannot predict what will happen next, when i think that this or that will happen later, i am totally wrong, as it happens the vice versa thing. I can say that the acting ensemble is very good, actors are great at what they are doing, of course there are a few disadvantages, but certainly there are more plusses in the movie, than there are minuses. The end of the movie has shocked me a little bit, but the good thing is that evil was beaten by the good things. The special effects were also very good, i watched it in 3D so my impressions are even better than the reality. So my opinion that everyone who haven’t seen this wonderful movie should watch it right immediately. My sister hates action movies, but this one she went to see with me, and we even discussed a few moments of this movie.

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