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Untitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell Project
Genre: Romance / Comedy
Director(s): Glenn Ficarra
Release Date: 28 July 2011
Movie rating: 7.4
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What is the movie Untitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell Project about?
Cal Weaver, a forty-something-year-old family man with puritan views, who leads a perfect lifestyle, has everything he dreamt about – good job, wonderful house, great children and marriage with a beloved woman from his school years. When he learns his wife Emily was unfaithful to him and wants a divorce, his ‘ideal’ life is wrecked. The worse thing about this is that Cal, who wasn’t dating ladies for several decades, represents a real lout in this respect. So, spending his spare time drinking in a bar, being in low spirits, miserable Cal becomes a protégé of a charming thirty-something-year-old player, Jacob Palmer. In his attempt to help Cal forget his wife and start his own life, Jacob opens Cal’s eyes on a multiple potential possibilities: coquettish women, strong drinks and stylish outfits. However, despite his new image and new victories on the amorous front, the only thing that proves more stubborn is Cal’s own heart that brings him there, from where everything has started once…
Untitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell Project Cast
Untitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell Project Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Untitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell Project HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Untitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell ProjectUntitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell ProjectUntitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell ProjectUntitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell ProjectUntitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell ProjectUntitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell ProjectUntitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell ProjectUntitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell ProjectUntitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell ProjectUntitled Dan Fogelman/Steve Carell Project
Roma @ 22-Jul-2014 23:35 Report a spam

I feel a strong desire to make everyone wish watching this movie! This movie is about love, different love, and about all of its stages and ways of showing it. Plus to everything there is a bit of hope and tale, and this way we got a ready made movie. Some people may think that it is a ordinary banal american comedy, but i can surely say “no” to this assumption. All the movie i could not imagine how it will end, and especially i was not waiting for this kind of ending, which became a very pleasant surprise to me. i think there is no need in talking about the acting crew, because there are no words to describe them, they were just perfect. And i am of course one of those girls who are craving for Gosling.
It is a movie for watching it one time, but still the subject was interesting and unexpected. And of course it is always a pleasure to watch talented people doing their job.

Kenya @ 18-Jul-2014 22:19 Report a spam

It is a sweet but a bit “tightened” intriguing story about a complicated relationship. At the beginning everything was nice and easy, she wanted to leave him, he is shocked and doesn’t know what to do, and is full of sadness. But here comes the help from the place he never expected, and here starts the action! This movie is very interesting to me, with its full set of ages for love. It is quite vital, and as it is supposed in the romance genre, it is made in a kind way, that is why it reminded me the movie “Real love” according to the subject. And in some places it looked like “Sex and the city”. After this movie it is impossible to stay in a bad mood as there are a lot of funny moments in it, but of course it is just a simple pleasant add to the movie. And after watching it, i realized how small is the world! The motto of this movie might be “fight for the love of your life”. And all the people who believe in love might change for the sake of it! I can say that this is the movie, for people who seek movies with a happy end!

Annie @ 18-Jul-2014 00:10 Report a spam

I didn’t liked this movie at all! It is a light and in some moments funny love story. I started watching it only due to Ryan Gosling who performed the main role in it, and it was not a mistake as he is equally good in any type of genre or in any character he is performing! Also i liked how Steve Carell has performed the role of a family guy and at the same time a lover. I can say that the plot is easy! Cole is a bit more than 40 years old, and he has a great job, family, house and everything a person can dream, of. But one day his wife Emily is telling him that she cheated on him and is asking for the divorce. That is the moment when his perfect life finishes. Suddenly Jacob is revealing a lot of opportunities that life of a free man is offering to him. It seems to be good, but still his heart is tending to the woman he loves. And he was not the only one, his son Robbie is also craving for mutual love. In general the movie left a pleasant impression although there is not enough spice in it!

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