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Genre: Action / Thriller
Director(s): Stephen Reynolds
Release Date: 23 December 2013
Movie rating: 5.8
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What is the movie Vendetta about?
A young boy was killed accidently – George never intended to kill him, he just wanted to stop the young robber and defend his shop. But he obviously overrated his strength and the boy died with his head split open. The former boxer was arrested for murder and his world turned upside down. But before he was locked into prison his family was attacked by a gang that swarmed into his house. Poor George was beaten senselessly, his beloved wife was raped, both of them were tied and left to die in their house with fire raging in it. All of this was beyond feral, it was so thoughtlessly brutal. Jimmy is the son of George, the late former boxer. He has been dishonorably discharged from the Royal Marines in Afghanistan and he finds out what has happened to his parents on his way back to London. Jimmy is a courageous soldier forged in battles, he used to be an interrogation specialist and knows how to make people suffer. He simply cannot wait until justice triumphs by itself, so it isn’t long before he’s on the trail of the gang who brutally murdered his nearest and dearest. He decided to exact his own kind of chillingly feral justice and he goes after his parents’ murderers. His old regiment is determined to stop him from showing their dirty laundry on trial and because of that Jimmy has to go underground.
Vendetta Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Vendetta HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Tracy @ 17-Jul-2014 02:03 Report a spam

Well first of all i do not really understand the genre of this movie, in the second half of the movie i got the idea that the action is starting because there has started the revenge time. Although it was a kind of weak revenge. There were stupid phrases, and heroic phrases, but not that much action that could explode my world.
With the picturing of prison everything looked pretty usually: drugs, humiliation, african descent women and treadmills on the open terrace. And all of this “genial” scenario has been written by four scenario writers, now that is a really shocking news for me! How come, what were they thinking of when they were making this crap?!
It took me really a lot of effort to watch this movie till the end, in fact i did it only because i never stop doing something in the middle if i started than i would always finish the thing i begun to do. There were no many talents in the movie, and the actors played like those were their first role in a movie.

Heidi @ 16-Jul-2014 01:53 Report a spam

Vendetta is a very real movie full of drama. It is sad to admit but there was absolutely not even one hero in the movie that made me feel emotionally close to her and feel that i am worried for what will happen to her next. Someone got beaten, someone died, and all the emotions that i feel is big indifference towards all of them. The main female hero who was doing this Vendetta is very irritating- she is very much alike a typical american farmer who is supposed to take care of animals and not play such a role, and her character is not that good either, so there are very low chances that she would be able to have lots of friends in life.
Usually in this kind of movies there is a specific character who is the main “authority”, and here is the main fiasco of the movie- the girl who looks like a fan of rock band, with a complex biography and who spent in jail not less than fifteen years. But she is good at making order everywhere, though does it in a boring way. That is the main reason why this movie is sooo boring probably!

Becky @ 14-Jul-2014 23:29 Report a spam

I decided to see this movie as i got interested with the high rating of this movie, especially on IMDB, especially for the ordinary movie produced by Roger Corman, that is why i decided to introduce myself to this movie, i love eighties, and the front page of the movie looked very bright as well! The theme about the person who was condemned to stay at the prison for no reason is very rich in all of its kinds. A special place it has in the female prison. And another index is an entire subgenre which is dedicated to this theme!
Vendetta is a very hard to watch movie as it doesn’t have any touch of light in it! From the morality point of view it leaves a huge imprint on the soul due to the fact how real and dramatic the situation really is! I didn’t felt any special emotions or worries for any hero in the movie, even if they were killed or beaten in a very crude way. Probably because i was realizing that they have got into this place for some reason and not just like that. This movie is ok for watching once but don’t expect anything special from it!

Elliot @ 04-Jul-2014 18:31 Report a spam

A disposable thriller with no aspirations to reality or serious social commentary...

Mark @ 04-Jul-2014 18:28 Report a spam

I find it harder than ever to take Dyer's hackneyed hardman act seriously, which somewhat undercuts this low-budget Death Wish knock-off.

Nina @ 30-May-2014 12:52 Report a spam

I really do not like when my friends recommend a movie to me and I have to write a negative review, but I have no other option for this action film.

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