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William & Kate
Genre: Biography / Drama / Romance
Director(s): Mark Rosman
Release Date: 17 April 2011
Movie rating: 5.0
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What is the movie William & Kate about?
“William & Kate” is a romantic story of how the friendship between Prince William, the second legitimate heir of the throne of British Monarchy and future princess and Cambridge Duchess Kate Middleton, a daughter of the man from common people of the middle class has turned into a beautiful love affair, captivating the whole world. The story starts with their first meeting at prestigious University of St. Andrews in Scotland, follows Kate and William through joys and hardships of their nine year relationship complicated by royal-family putting pressure on a couple, social influence and intense attention of mass-media and ending up with their engagement and royal wedding awaited by the whole world.
William & Kate Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any William & Kate HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
William & KateWilliam & KateWilliam & KateWilliam & KateWilliam & KateWilliam & KateWilliam & KateWilliam & KateWilliam & KateWilliam & Kate
Dana @ 24-Jul-2014 07:39 Report a spam

It is simply amazing how the cinema people made serious efforts in order to make this movie. I can say that the quality of this movie is very poor. It is even hard for me to call it a movie, it has more in common with a tele version, and the performance of the actors was of the same quality. i cannot say that this movie is a nightmare, but i cannot say either that it was awesome. The actor who performed the role of Prince Charles, also wasn’t a miracle. It is one thing that he doesn’t look alike the prince, but not that much. I felt funny towards the maid on the back stage during the royal dinner. Also i cannot say there was a special plot in the movie, i cannot say that i saw at least something new about it. Each in love couple has some cute little moments of their own, that is why eventually they didn’t show anything new in this movie. So my conclusion is, it is better not making movies at all, than making them of such a poor quality. So don’t waste your time on it, there are much more decent movies nowadays.

Idelia @ 19-Jul-2014 09:54 Report a spam

Of course i am not a fan of the royal family, but this movie i have watched with great pleasure, as it is a very light story, how friendship is turning into love, and in general i am sure there are not that many people in the world who know the story of prince William and simple girl Kate Middleton, that is why it will be interesting to watch the movie. It is a very interesting film, here is shown the story of meeting between two young people, he is the well known prince, and she is a ordinary girl, there are shown their relationship, love and breakup an than meeting again and the proposal. This movie is not a biography at all, because the story of the royal family is not shown at all, it is a simple movie about great things.
In general i can say that there is not enough brightness in the movie, but still it is very interesting and pleasant to watch it.And of course i am sure you will not be able to deal with it for more than one time in your life, but it is better than do nothing, right?

Melinda @ 18-Jul-2014 09:40 Report a spam

It is not a bad movie at all, in fact i can say that it is quite ok, for watching it one time and get to know about the huge problems of the royal family. The actors were chosen perfectly, not matter the fact that they are more interesting and more beautiful than their prototypes. actually it was interesting to get to know something new, although i didn’t expect such news. Here it is shown the story of Kate and William the day when they first met and so on. Of course she is not a Cinderella but the subject line is very close to it. After watching this movie, you realize why rich people have their own problems, and even if you are from a royal family it doesn’t mean that everything will be perfect. But personally i think that there is not more than seventy percent of real things in the movie, from the things that really happen in royal families. Not my favorite one, but it is ok for one watch per lifetime.

Bethany Cox @ 24-Jun-2014 13:40 Report a spam

I am really truly sorry, but I didn’t see the point of this film at all! I wonder if there hardly any planned! The acting is very poor and hard to believe, many of the characters are simple unbearable! The story itself is very poorly structured. It really bothered me that the film was highly inaccurate and fictionalized. Moreover, the film contains a lot uninteresting and dull clichéd scenes, characters and elements. Most of them has been used to death! The film I indeed a one badly done soap opera. It is hard to call this movie a comedy or romantic movie and the most frustrating point is the lack of chemistry between the two leading characters. “William and Kate” also fails in screenplay and direction. The impression I’ve got from director’s and editor’s work was sluggish and soulless. Many scenes portray poorly hosen angles, rushed focused and oddly placed. The majority of the dialogues is very poor and embarrassing. The movie didn’t leave me touched or amused, but grimacing and wondering what the purpose of shooting this shit was??? A complete stinker!

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