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X-Men: First Class
Genre: Adventure
Director(s): Matthew Vaughn
Release Date: 31 May 2011
Movie rating: 7.7
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What is the movie X-Men: First Class about?
X-men first class makes up the epic beginning of X-Men saga. The film shows the formation of two famous and very powerful mutants: Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, who later took the names Professor X and Magneto. They used to be best friends despite the fact they had different backgrounds. Young Charles Xavier – a son of a rich man, who was into science since childhood, wants to find the same mutants to help them. He is open-hearted and naively believes men and mutants can live together in piece. Erik Lehnsherr, being Jew, was followed by Nazi and suffered with all the pains and horrors of Holocaust. His mother was killed by Nazi on his eyes to cause his special power to come out. As the result he kills two soldiers. From this moment it is very clear that his power is nourished by pain. When one is defending his thesis, another is searching the Nazi officers guilty in his mother’s death. Together with other mutants (some familiar, some new) they were working to prevent nuclear Armageddon. However, different political views have brought them to the opposite sides of barricades. On the background of Cuban crisis we see how the eternal war between Magneto's Brotherhood and Professor X's X-Men begins. The destiny of the whole mankind depends on the result of this war.
X-Men: First Class Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any X-Men: First Class HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
X-Men: First ClassX-Men: First ClassX-Men: First ClassX-Men: First ClassX-Men: First ClassX-Men: First ClassX-Men: First ClassX-Men: First ClassX-Men: First ClassX-Men: First Class
Mistique @ 12-Jul-2014 23:43 Report a spam

It is a entertaining, fantastic movie that reveals the first pages of history of the famous serie of comics and movies. This movie will tell the story how everything began. In this part, there will be revealed all the secrets of main characters from the last parts, and there will appear the new ones. Childhood is very interesting. The creators have digged very deep and showed us how the first mutants have appeared, and of course about the main heroes of last parts- Professor Xavier and Magneto. They were great friends, but become enemies. The history of their youth, friendship, about other mutants, the creators have showed how absolutely everything was born. I was very touched by the story of Mystique, she is one of my favorite characters, and of course i was always paying a lot of attention to her, she was a mystery to me, as it is obvious she is a kind character which is on the evil’s side for some reason.

Costa @ 12-Jul-2014 23:36 Report a spam

Millions of people around the entire world for more than fifty years are watching the development of the history of mystique mutants. The heroes of comics have earned their popularity on the big screen.
The plot of this movie will recite the story of the professor Xavier and other important heroes of the serie. Retelling of this story goes in a few time lines, but the biggest part of events has happened in 1962 in the period when was arisen the “Caribbean crisis”. As this movie is a prequel to the movies that already exist, it is very interesting to watch various details with which the creators of the movie have dealt great. I will get to know characters that have unusual powers, and i can say that in the visual plan this movie looks just great! Also there is a lot of action in it, which makes a great impression, especially in the last scenes of the movie. The acting staff is made mostly with young actors, but of course there are heroes that are already well known!

Mildred @ 09-Jul-2014 02:03 Report a spam

I am a bit sick and tired of the new parts, as i already forget about how the whole story begin, and i am surprised by the fact that although the movie has a very high budget it is a very ordinary one. Only Xavier and Magneto are interesting to watch due to their characters. Charles grew up in love and pampering that is why he wishes peace. Eric has a different situation as war took his parents away from him. So in this movie magneto is the main hero, and Charles is a supporting character.This is the movie due to which i understood why Eric hates people so much. He says “i already been in the hands of those who give orders, and i don’t want that anymore”. The scene in the nazy doctor’s office is a great one. The soundtrack to the movie is also very good, in general i can say that Henry Jackman done a good job. the special effects are exquisite. The only thing i was upset with is that the action of the movie is during the cold war time. I think this period of history is being used too much.

Jason @ 30-Jun-2014 15:12 Report a spam

Comic-book lovers, fans of alternate history, and fantasy-prone moviegoers in general are all sure to find something to love about X-Men: First Class.

Hullen Berglund @ 30-Jun-2014 15:11 Report a spam

X-Men: First class doesn't quite live up to its title, but incoming director Matthew Vaughn gets enough right to put the tired franchise back on track. Some of the teen mutant stuff is silly, but Fassbender is - wait for it - magnetic.

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