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Released: 2014-08-27
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Your Highness
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy
Director(s): David Gordon Green
Release Date: 07 April 2011
Movie rating: 5.5
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What is the movie Your Highness about?
Lazy Prince Thadeous is used to having parties all the time and chasing after housemaids, while his older brother, Fabious, a skilled warrior helps his father to rule the kingdom and solve problems. However, after an evil wizard Leezar kidnaps Fabious’s bride, Beladonna, from the wedding ceremony, intending to rape her and get impregnated with the dragon, Thadeous has to join the detachment of knights that aims at rescuing the princess. Their way lies through the wild lands, meetings with monsters, evil nymphs and a warrior-woman Isabel, who has her own accounts with the sorcerer. This expedition drastically changes Thadeouse’s life…
Your Highness Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Your Highness HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Your HighnessYour HighnessYour HighnessYour HighnessYour HighnessYour HighnessYour HighnessYour HighnessYour HighnessYour Highness
Mary @ 17-Jul-2014 05:06 Report a spam

There are a lot of good special effects in the movie ( starting with magical spells, and finishing with creepy monsters), and i think it is a sign of a high quality, which is a important thing while watching anything on the screen. I cannot call it a comedy, although this movie pretends to be one, but i can say that it is a dynamic movie, and everything in it is done according to some harmony of its own! There are many battles both with people and with monsters, and of course all the chasing in the movie is done in a good breathtaking manner! The actors are playing very well, although not all of them! My personal opinion is that Nathalie Portman has saved the entire movie with her appearance in it! There is not hidden meaning in this movie, and it is a shame, as i think this is exactly the kind of me that has to have it! As a result i can say that the movie is funny, but a bit perverted. I don't even know whether to recommend it or not, but i can say that if there is a better movie at the video shop, than it is definitely better to get another one!

Yvette @ 16-Jul-2014 04:09 Report a spam

I would like to underline that the picture in this movie is very pretty, and i got a lot of pleasure during watching it! As well as it was very pleasant to listen to the music in it! The think i felt disgusting about was the “dignity” of Minotaur which was appearing too often in the movie. i guess it is a huge minus in the movie. But it is easy to “kill” some time while watching it! The subject is nice, legends are saying that a warlock has fertilized a innocent woman during the merging of two moons, in order to make her born a dragon. Many years have passed since that time, and soon the moons would merge again, that is why a warlock has captured another girl. There is a lot of humor in the movie, and the majority of jokes are too vulgar, it was a bit unpleasant to watch it. From the homosexual relations to the “hanging” trophy on the neck and those were only objects, while the jokes were even worse.
Well there were a few funny jokes, but in general i got the feeling that it is a comedy for pervert people!

Allen @ 15-Jul-2014 02:00 Report a spam

To my great surprise “Your highness” has become a quite good comedy! Of course it is not same level as “Hangover 2”, but it made me laugh out hard a few times for sure! In general it was due to voicing!The subject line is simple,in some moments it is a vulgar fairy tale for adult people with acting characters- brave prince and his stupid brother, and of course a beautiful girl. So there was no need in too many actors, James Franco as usually is very good, the last movie i saw with him starring was “127 hours” that is why it was pleasant to see him in a completely different line. I am very happy that Zoe kept appearing on the screen not too often as her silly-naive face same in all the movies that i have seen with her is already a bit irritating. Nathalie has become simply the jewel of the movie, for her this role was a sort of rest after a long and tiring year of work. I can say that i liked this movie, the plot is not bad and it is very easy to watch it, i was not feeling bored at all.

Peter @ 30-Jun-2014 15:10 Report a spam

Sword and sorcery movies often resemble parodies of themselves even when they are intended to be taken seriously. And then there are genre spoofs like Your Highness that are meant to be funny and leave you stone-faced.

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